'Mob Wives' Star Alicia DiMichele to Divorce Jailed Eddie Garofalo Before Fraud & Embezzlement Sentence

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"Mob Wives" star Alicia DiMichele is reportedly planning to file for divorce from her jailed husband Eddie "Tall Guy" Garofalo. According to Radar Online, the decision to divorce her husband comes from the betrayal and deceit she has endured when Eddie was arrested for fraud and embezzlement through their trucking company business. Alicia's mobster husband, "Tall Guy" was sentenced to two years in federal prison while he was still on "Mob Wives."

"My husband and I are not together anymore," Alicia said. "I am filing for divorce within the next few months." Alicia pleaded guilty to being part of the company's bookkeeping and still waits for her trial and sentencing. She claims she had no idea that her husband was into the mob lifestyle and that even bookkeeping for it was done unknowingly. "It has just come to the time where I have made the decision that I just do not feel like it is something I can get over," she continued. "I've just endured too much as a woman of betrayal."  

On Mob Wives episode 11, Alicia and her two sons write letters to Eddie when he all of a sudden gives them a call. While the boys are thrilled, Alicia did not seem as excited and their conversation goes from sweet to sour in a matter of seconds. "Listen. I am not doing this right now. You made the choice. You. Not me," Alicia said while speaking to Eddie on the phone. "It is not one mistake. Yours is a very big bed to lay in."

While Alicia was on federal wiretaps because of her husband's connections, she did also hear wiretaps of her husband speaking to his ex-girlfriend Carla Murino. She even found out that Carla and Eddie had dinner together. "I was eight months pregnant and he lied, saying he was working. He was actually having dinner with her and did not come home." She said Eddie is the father of her sons and she will always love him.

According to rumours though, Alicia has a boyfriend. The reality show "Mob Wives: New Blood" failed to show that Alicia was not crying herself to sleep over the divorce but instead, she goes around with her boyfriend, Rob LaScala who is a married restaurant owner. Reports also claim that Rob not only pays for her bills, he also gave Alicia an expensive Cartier bracelet as a love token that covers up the tattoo of her husband's name.  

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