'Mob Wives' Season 4 Spoilers: Alicia's Sentencing and Natalie and Renee's Fight on Reunion Special Before Season 5?

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"Mob Wives: New Blood" fans are up for another season of fights and drama as the show gets renewed for a fifth season even before the ladies reunited. According to reports, production will start in the spring of 2014. While fans wait, the cast filmed a nerve-racking season 4 reunion special hosted by Sherri Shepherd.

VH1 promises that the season finale will reveal answers to all the lingering questions viewers still have after the last episode of season 4. They will know the status of Alicia's sentencing over her embezzlement charges. She will talk about her worries of the possibility that her children will be left with both father and mother in prison. Alicia will also talk about her incarcerated husband Edward Garofalo and reveal her plans to file for divorce from him.

Alicia could be required to pay a $96,000 fine for the 12 episodes she's done in season 4. The prosecutors do not want Alicia to make money by playing up her criminal records on TV. "The defendant's decision to participate in and profit from a television show that glorifies organized crime and those who participate in it, and demonizes the government for prosecuting these individuals, including (Alicia), demonstrates that she fails to appreciate the seriousness of the charged crime and her life choices," her prosecutors wrote. "To allow her to profit from such an endeavor... would be a manifest injustice. Accordingly, she should not retain any of her earnings (from the show)," the prosecutors added. Alicia faces up to 6 months in jail and $20,000 in restitution for the union funds she plead guilty to embezzling.

Fans will also know whether the conflict between Natalie and Renee has already been settled or not. Their conflict turned physical in season 4 with Renee refusing to attend Natalie's Halloween party. "I did not go to Natalie's party because I was not very comfortable," Renee told Big Ang and Drita. "That is not a lie. I am not being phony or fake about it. I do not want to be bothered. You may be better at pretending but I am not," she added.

Renee will try to leave the past with Junior behind her, but it proves harder than she had ever imagined. Natalie asks her boyfriend, London, to take their relationship to the next step, while Drita enjoys the success of her business, experiencing a "rare" calmness at home.

Big Ang will also talk about the value of family. Is she eager to have a baby with husband Neil?

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