Mob Wives: New Blood Season 5: Alicia and Drita Talk About LaScala Affair, Legal Issues, Renee and the Firing of Ramona and Karen

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Bossip recently had an interview with "Mob Wives: New Blood" stars Alicia and Drita. The host asked Alicia if she regrets doing the show because of her legal situation. "I didn't get sentenced yet but I'm very disappointed with things that have been, you know, there have been a lot of lies told in the media that you know aren't true, and it will definitely affect my case unfortunately, you know I didn't sign up for that, no," Alicia answered.

"How do the girls feel about Natalie?" While both Alicia and Drita said they liked Natalie, they said Renee is not a Natalie fan. "Renee never had it easy. I was Miss Target for years on the show, I was always alone fighting my battles with everyone," Drita explained. "It was like Renee Karen and Ramona talking about Drita. I went through hell. Renee has a taste of being me for three years and didn't like it and I feel sorry for Renee." Both ladies also said Renee admits she's a good talker.

When asked about Ramona and Karen leaving the show, Drita said: "When we ended the last season, I was in good terms with Karen and Ramona, the only season I don't mind them being on the show than not on the show, I was like I don't care I was not good terms with them but I was like taken back because there was new cast and new girls I didn't know what they were like, I love and adore Alicia, so I was very happy."

Meanwhile, Alicia has been raising her children by herself while her husband, Eddie is still in jail and the "Mob Wives" viewers felt for her when she discovered about Eddie's infidelities before being incarcerated. However, a source close to Alicia claims that the Mob Wives star was not heartbroken at all because she had committed her fair share of infidelities even before finding out about Eddie.

Alicia was portrayed as the victim on the show, saying Carla Murino was trying to steal her husband but in reality, she was actually stealing another woman's husband because her alleged lover slash family friend Rob LaScala is married with kids of his own.

Alicia denied claims of her affair but a restaurant owner in Philadelphia confirmed that her steamy affair with LaScala has begun even before she was given tapes of Eddie's phone calls that revealed her husband's infidelities.

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