MLB Trade Rumours: Boston Red Sox Primed to Get Andre Ethier in Trade With LA Dodgers

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The Boston Red Sox could reportedly make a run for Andre Ethier, who will likely be traded before the trade deadline this season. In an article by Larry Sealy of Digital Journal, several analysts already foresee that the Los Angeles Dodgers will trade one of their four main outfielders, and the Boston Red Sox appear to be the ideal trade partner.

Ethier, who is coming off a microfracture surgery, returned in full action with the Dodgers lineup during Spring Training and seem ready to contribute both on the field and at the plate for the emerging National League superpower.

The Dodgers, the team with the highest payroll, are very talented from top to bottom, but the logjam in the outfield could create conflict and disrupt team chemistry. According to sources, it is a matter of time when both Carl Crawford and Matt Kemp return to the lineup healthy, giving the Dodgers four high-caliber outfielders with Yasiel Puig looking to put up another All-Star worthy campaign.  

"The LA Dodgers enter the 2014 MLB season with too many talented outfielders on the roster and once Matt Kemp and Carl Crawford are completely healthy, rumours have started that Andre Ethier could be traded," Digital Journal reported.

"Several teams in baseball could use a quality center fielder and an above average bat in the lineup, including the Boston Red Sox. Reports started back in January of the two teams making another trade together."

The Red Sox and Dodgers are no stranger in making blockbuster deals. In fact, both franchises pulled off a blockbuster deal that changed the landscape of baseball in 2012. There are several sources who indicated that Ethier's days in Hollywood are numbered and change is about to happen in a few weeks.

"These two franchises have made several deals in the past, including the trade that sent Crawford and Adrian Gonzalez to the West Coast a couple years back, but this move is more of necessity for LA as the payroll is high and playing time for Ethier would be at a minimum," reported Digital Journal.

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