MLB Trade Rumors: Pittsburgh Pirates Close to Acquiring Didi Gregorious

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The Pittsburgh Pirates are reportedly close to acquiring young shortstop Didi Gregorious of the Arizona Diamondbacks, a source close to situation reported on Tuesday.

The 24-year old Gregorious started 97 games last season but he failed to outshine Chris Owing and lost his spot this Spring Training. On the other hand, the Pirates are looking to make an upgrade at shortstop despite announcing Jordy Mercer as their starter in the position.

"Despite starting 97 games at shortstop for the Diamondbacks in 2013, Gregorius was made available for trade after Chris Owings won the battle for the shortstop position this spring. The Pirates, for their part, are heading into 2014 with Jordy Mercer penciled in as their starting shortstop. But, if Morosi's report is accurate, they could be looking for an upgrade at the position," via SB Nation.

Gregorious, who was traded to Arizona as part of the three-team deal with the Cincinnati Reds and Cleveland Indians last season, did well in his first full season in the MLB, as he batted .252/.332/.373 for the Diamondbacks.

Many baseball followers believed Gregorious is a great upgrade for the Pirates at shortstop - a move that could give them a young player who could develop into a solid or perhaps All-Star caliber performer in the coming years.

"For the time being, however, just the Pirates appear to have legitimate interest in Gregorius, as neither Mercer nor back-up Clint Barmes is a great option for a team with playoff hopes," via SB Nation.

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