MLB Trade Rumors: Andre Ethier Aware of Possibly Getting Traded

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Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Andre Ethier has been one of the hottest names on the trading mill over the past few months. As the Dodgers continue to deal with an influx of outfielders on their roster, there are speculations that Ethier could be the odd man out.

In an interview with, Ethier admitted that he's aware of the trade rumors going on but stressed that he's still looking towards playing and contributing for the Dodgers until the day he gets traded.  

"I thought I handled it last year from the year before -- it's the same old stuff," he said of the trade talk. I prepare every offseason to make myself better to make the team win. I'm a Dodger until I'm told otherwise. That's why I'm here today," Ethier told in December.

Etheir, who underwent micro-fracture surgery in his left leg, already started doing road work and might try doing more advanced workouts as he looks forward to play for the Dodgers this coming season.

"No aches or pains when I run, just a little tender to the touch," he said. "But nothing to hold me back from moving on to the next stage."

And the Rumor Mill Keeps Going

The Dodgers, who already dislodged the New York Yankees for having the biggest payroll in the MLB, are believed to be brewing a trade that would solve the logjam in the outfield.

Baseball insiders predicted the Dodgers to make a deal at some point before the trade deadline, and it could be either Matt Kemp or Ethier who is going to leave Hollywood soon.  

"I believe that at some point, one of the Dodgers outfielders will be weeded out, whether it be Matt Kemp once he's healthy or Ethier. What people don't realize about Ethier is that he's not a bad center fielder, so if you felt Jackie Bradley needed more seasoning, Ethier could also play center," Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe.

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