Missing Malaysian Airline Flight MH370 Shocking Conspiracy: 'Alien Abduction' Theory Goes Viral as Satellites Can't Find the Missing Flight


The Malaysia Airlines' mysterious sudden disappearance has deepened with the recent conspiracy theories suggesting there may be aliens involved in the hijacking of MH370. 

Earlier reports claimed the airline misintergrated in the sky and there was no left clue where it was. Boeing 777 was flying at 35,000 feet in good weather condition when suddenly when it went missing. This gave rise to weird alien theory and social media has went abuzz with the alien conspiracy.

There were more than 10 satellites deployed by China to search the airline. The search-and-rescue operation to find Boeing 777 was being done by various countries and the relatives of the missing passengers on the flight are waiting in anticipation as to what happened to the airline

"Focus is on the West Peninsular of Malaysia at the Straits of Malacca," the Malaysian Airlines said in its statement.

But none of the satellites was able to find Boeing 777 and alien abduction theory has gone viral in Twitter.

Before the alien abduction theory went viral, it was speculated that a Chinese terror group was involved. But there was no concerete evidence clearly showing what happened to MH370. For further updates on MH370, stay tuned.

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