Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 Search Update: Significant Last Words From the Pilot of Boeing 777 Get a New Version- Details

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Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 is still a mystery to the world. The latest update about the missing aircraft Boeing 777 reveals a changed version of the last words of one of the pilots of missing MH370.

Altering the previous account of pilot's last words, Malaysia's civil aviation authority recently revealed a new version. According to Sydney Morning Herald, pilot's last words to the control tower were "Good night Malaysian three seven zero" and not "All right, good night." Even though the authorities have confirmed the last words of the pilot of the missing Malaysian aircrafts, they are still uncertain who amongst the two pilots made the statement.

"We would like to confirm that the last conversation in the transcript between the air traffic controller and the cockpit is at 0119 (Malaysian Time) and is 'Good night Malaysian three seven zero," the Department of Civil Aviation said in a statement made on Monday as quoted by Sydney Morning Herald.

Transport Minister Hishamuddin Hussein has reportedly instructed the team of investigators to reveal the full transcript at the next briefing.

A report by The Malay Mail Online reveals that the minister doesn't think the transcript is "going to show anything sinister."

The conflicting reports have led to the criticism of Malaysian authorities by international media for handling of the matters related to MH370's disappearance.

A CCTV reporter noted the significance of the last words of pilots in a video, reports Malay Mail Online. The reporter suggested "the last words are particularly significant because it lessens the probability that either the pilot or co-pilot were involved in the 'deliberate act' of steering the plane in the westerly direction, away from its planned route."

The last words previously believed to have spoken by co-pilot Fariq Ab Hamid, were subjected to investigation after it was revealed that the plane "deliberately" opted for an alerted course. Missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 was carrying 239 passengers and was travelling from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on March 8, 2014. Depending on the accumulated satellite and radar recordings, it is said that the plane diverted to the west before it reportedly crashed into the Indian Ocean, southwest of Perth, Australia.

Meanwhile, it is updated that the Malaysian PM Najib Razak will visit Perth, Australia on Wednesday to see the search efforts "first-hand." Australian PM Tony Abbott confirmed in the statement that Malaysian PM will tour RAAF Base Pearce and personally thank the international forces taking part in the search," according to Nine MSN AU

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