Miss World Megan Young: Did USA Protest Results? Claims of Young as US-Born Beauty Queen All Over the Internet

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Megan Young's victory at the 2013 Miss World ended the Philippines long wait to win all Big 4 beauty pageants. However, USA allegedly wanted a part of Young's accomplishment following rumors of the country's protest asking the pageant's organizers to recognize the 23-year old Beauty Queen as Miss USA.

Young, who was born in the United States but moved at the age of 10 to the Philippines, bagged the Miss World title after besting 126 contestants in Saturday's pageant finale in Bali, Indonesia.

Young's claim to the oldest beauty pageant in the world made the Philippines the third country after Brazil and Venezuela to win all four major beauty contests in the world namely: Miss Universe, Miss International, Miss Earth and Miss World.

Moreover, the Philippine is the first country to win all big five known beauty pageants with the inclusion of Miss Supranational - which was won by Mutya Datul just weeks prior to the Miss World contest.

Yet, rumors have already circulated that top USA pageant officials are not happy with the results, insisting that Young should have been considered Miss USA since she was born in the States and her father is after all an American.

Olivia Jordan represented the USA in the 2013 Miss World contest and made it to the top-10. However, she didn't collect enough points to move on to the next round, leaving the Philippines, Brazil, Ghana, Spain, France and surprise entry Gibraltar battling for the top prize.

The Adobo Chronicles first reported of USA's alleged protest.

"Less than 24 hours after the pageant finals, the U.S. filed a formal protest with the Miss World pageant organizers, saying that Young should be credited as a U.S. entry as well." 

"Young was born in the United States to an American father and Filipina mother, but moved at age 10 to the Philippines where she is currentlly a model, actress and television host.  "Technically, she is also Miss U.S.A," the protest document indicated. "Even her surname is very American. Can't she be at least declared as a 'dual contestant' by virtue of her dual citizenship?"

"Miss World owner Julia Morley has not returned calls from The Adobo Chronicles seeking comment on the U.S. protest," the site stated.

Though the validity of the source is questionable, several American journalists and news media outlets - such as CNN and Hollywood Life - have already laid their claim to the newest Miss World by emphasizing Young as a US-born beauty queen.

Well, one thing is for sure about this hoopla, Miss Megan Young is the most-sought woman in the world.

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