Miss World Australia: Queenslander Stephanie Campbell Slams Pageant on Facebook After Quitting

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Miss World Australia pageant was “abusive and disrespectful” to women, according to Queensland contestant Stephanie Campbell. The 24-year-old beauty wrote and deleted a post on her Facebook page, explaining why she withdrew just one day before the competition proper on Sunday.

Before fellow Queenslander Courtney Thorpe nabbed the crown on Sunday night, Campbell was able to steal the limelight by withdrawing from the pageant and throwing shade at the organisation.

In a post on her Facebook page, she slammed the organisers of the prestigious beauty contest, implying that Miss World Australia pageant was disrespectful of women.

“I decided to remove myself from Miss World Australia yesterday lunchtime (Saturday),” Campbell wrote. “Good luck to the girls who still think the title has value and are competing for it at the crowning event tonight. May the odds be ever in their favour.

“I only support organisations I believe in,” she continued, adding, “I do not condone abusive and disrespectful treatment of women.”

Her Facebook account has since been deactivated.

Her tone appeared more restrained a couple of days later, though, telling Fairfax Media that she pulled out from the competition when she “became fully aware of what being Miss World Australia would involve.”

“I just decided it wasn’t for me and I’m pursuing other things,” she said. “The issue was never with the girls and I did wish Courtney all the best.”

Thorpe also claimed to the Daily Mail Australia that Campbell withdrew because she was concerned her skydiving accident earlier this year would prevent her from meeting all the requirements of the crown.

On March 16, Campbell’s parachute collapsed during skydiving. She crash landed with such force that she broke her bones in her back and her right wrist. She broke six ribs, punctured both her lungs and suffered serious concussion.

She had to learn how to walk again after the accident.

She said that even without the benefit of wearing the Miss World Australia crown, she would continue to raise funds and awareness for the organisation Centre for Healthy Brain Ageing.

Campbell, who is studying a journalism masters, would also complete her studies and pursue a career.

Thorpe, on the other hand, will be representing the country at the Miss World International pageant in London later in 2014, hoping to beat other participants from over 130 countries.

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