Miss Universe Australia Tegan Martin Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction at Bondi Ice Rink Photo Shoot


Newly crowned Miss Universe Australia Tegan Martin suffered wardrobe malfunction at the Bondi ice rink photo shoot when strong winds blew up her dress and revealed her behind.

The beauty queen had trouble protecting her modesty with her very skimpy blue Boohoo skirt and G-string as she walked back to the runway through the windy Sydney morning. Her outfit was completed with her pageant sash, a cropped embellish brown jacket, and ice skates.  

Despite the mishap, the 21-year old blonde kept her professionalism and laughed at her misfortune.  After regaining her composure, the beauty queen finished the photo shoot with a smile. She will be celebrating the opening of Bondi ice rink with Boohoo fashion brand. The photo op was done to promote Boohoo.com's online fashion website which will give the fashion industry with a glimpse of the fashion retailer's spring preview which is scheduled on Wednesday evening.

The blond could not contain her excitement for the event since even before she became the brand endorser, she has already been wearing the Boohoo brand for a few years already.

 According to an article from Daily Telegraph, the reigning beauty queen mentioned her keen passion for ice skating. "I used to be able to ice skate back in the day. It used to be a social thing for my friends and I ... I'll be star of the ice skating rink," Martin laughingly stated.

The Newcastle resident recently grabbed the national finals crown on her third attempt at the glamorous crown. She placed runner-up in her two previous attempts but this time around, she will represent Australia at the Miss Universe pageant later this year.

Right after she was crowned with the title, Tegan Martin was already defending herself from the allegations of the resentful finalist Kristy Coulcher. Coulcher posted on Twitter that the national pageant may be rigged but she still had the best gown by far.

In an article from Daily Mail, the blond stunner responded to her adversary with the sage words perfect for a pageant queen. "I think the most important thing is that you accept your defeat with grace," Martin stated.

Tegan Martin also stated that she will not let anyone take away the moment. She knew that the pageant was not rigged for there were auditors on the night who kept track of the whole thing.

To see the photos of Miss Universe Australia Tegan Martin's wardrobe malfunction at the Bondi ice rink, please click here.

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