Miss Universe Australia 2012 National Costume: 10 Things to Know about Renae Ayris' Gown

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Miss Universe Australia 2012 Renae Ayris will wear Jessica Bregenhoj's 'the golden country' creation at the finals in Las Vegas next month.

Here are 10 things to know about the white-and-gold ensemble:

10. Sydney-based Bregenhoj said she "wanted [the gown] to represent everything golden, prosperous and lucky about Australia."

9. Bregenhoj, who was mentored by Alex Perry, was "inspired by the sails of the Sydney Opera House."

8. Bregenhoj also said she "wanted it to be really fresh and bright and also represent the sunsets of Australia."

7. It took a month to finish the dress in time for the nationwide competition.

6. The gown was chosen by the Aussie public from 400 competition entries via the breakfast TV show, Sunrise. Four gowns survived elimination after 7000 votes were cast.

5. A pair of white and gold starry gladiator sandals matches the golden country gown.

4. Stephanie Squadrito of pedestrian.tv says the golden country gown winning the competition shows "Australians' collective internal struggle to come to terms with our dire lack of character."

3. Asked for her insight on the gown, Ayris said, "I love it and I don't think people understand you have to have a costume for national costume, and it needs to be out there to stand up to the other countries."

2. Designer Aurelio Costarella was quoted by news.com.au as saying, "I think it's great that an opportunity is given to young emerging designers to create the costume, but once again we've managed to put Miss Universe Australia in a garment that has absolutely nothing to do with our Australian cultural identity."

1. Sydney-based couture and bridal designer Johanna Johnson rated the gown 3/10, saying, "Perhaps rather than showcasing our culture with symbolism, it would be nice to see designers create a gown made from fabrics sourced directly from Australia."

What do you think of Miss Australia's gown for next month's Miss Universe competition in Las Vegas? Does it lack the Australian character, as pointed by critics? See photos of the gown here.

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