Miss Universe 2013 Top 16: Miss USA, Miss Philippines, Miss Venezuela, (UPDATED, Featuring the WINNER)

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The 86 contestants stood on the stage and patiently waited with gorgeous smiles on their faces. The hosts announced top 16 contestants of Miss Universe 2013 or the 16 semi-finalists. These 16 semi-finalists will compete for the Miss Universe crown. Who will win?

Let's have a look at the Miss Universe 2013: 16 finalists

1.  Miss Costa Rica Universe, Fabiana Granados: The first semi-finalist of Miss Universe 2013, she is a  Business Administration and Industrial Engineering student at the University of Latina Costa Rica. Fabiana enjoys mountain biking, dancing and taking care of her horse.

2.  Miss Ukraine Universe, Olga Storozhenko: The second semi-finalist of Miss Universe 2013, she dreams to become an actress and loves to cook, sing and play with puppies.

3.  Miss China Universe, Jin Ye: The third semi-finalist, Jin Ye loves travelling, modelling and painting. She is the Chinese Angelina Jolie in her hometown.

4.  Miss Ecuador Universe, Constanza Baez: This 22-year-old beauty is a lover of sports, education and nutrition.

5.  Miss Great Britain Universe, Amy Willerton: Amy loves horseback riding, cooking, travel and history. Will she be the one to wear the Miss Universe crown?

6.  Miss Indonesia Universe, Whulandary: This Indonesian beauty studies public relations at Paramadina University, Jakarta. Whulandary, will she be in the top 10?

7.  Miss Venezuela Universe, Gabriela Isler: Gabriela is a homely person and currently works as a talent on the Venevision TV.

8.  Miss Dominican Republic Universe, Yaritza Reyes: She is a social communications student and works as a model.

9.  Miss Puerto Rico Universe, Monic Perez: She believes in respecting human beings. She has studied American Sign Language and conversational Russian.

10. Miss Spain Universe, Patricia Yurena Rodriguez: This gorgeous beauty once swam with whale sharks on a trip to Mexico.

11. Miss USA Universe, Erin Brady: Erin Brady from USA loves everything Flamingo. She was once the briefcase girl for "Deal or No Deal."

12.  Miss Nicaragua Universe, Nastassja Bolivar: This Nicaraguan beauty is a Barbie fan and she refuses to sleep with a pillow.

13.  Miss Switzerland Universe, Dominique Rinderknecht: She is a skilled pianist and also a trained hip-hop, street and jazz dancer.

14.  Miss India Universe, Manasi Moghe: Manasi enjoys dancing, and playing the synthesizer. She is a big foodie.

15.  Miss Brazil Universe, Jakelyne Oliveira: She wants to become a big personality in the fashion industry. She loves samba and other Brazilian traditional dances.

16.  Fans' Favourite, Miss Philippines Universe, Ariella Arida: The 16th semi-finalist was chosen after fans voted for her. Ariella Arida is the fans' pick.

Ariella Arida might take the Miss Universe 2013 crown to Philippines. She is one of the most promising contestants.


Miss Venezuela, Gabriela Isler is Miss Universe 2013.

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