Miss Universe 2013: The New List of the Top 5 Candidates to Watch Out for [See Photos]

By @Ze_Charm on

Give your best guess on who would make it to the top 5 in this year's Miss Universe pageant. Such bets are based on the most talked about candidates and from what went on last year at the Miss Universe pageant 

But now, since all the ladies have finally arrived in Moscow, Russia, the competition has finally begun and there are a few ladies that stand out among the 87 delegates that are in Russia to win the title and the crown of Miss Universe 2013 for their country.

Here are the top 5 candidates to watch out for in this year's Miss Universe pageant.

Taking the fifth spot is Miss Great Britain, Amy Willerton. She had gained fame after being in headlines regarding her relationship with a billionaire and even with the media attention she trained well for the pageant, which gives her a spot in the top 5 of the Miss Universe pageant.

Miss France, Hinarani de Longeaux, will be representing France and it has been a while since France has been able to bag the crown; she certainly would give her country the chance to do so this year. The Tahitian beauty is one of those candidates to watch out for in this year's Miss Universe.

Miss Israel, Yityish Aynaw, she has made headlines and was featured in CNN and had a meeting with President Barack Obama. She has what it takes to become Miss Universe.

Miss USA, Erin Brady, shows the American beauty but would she be able to get the crown this year like Miss USA, Olivia Culpo did last year against Miss Philippines? There may be a possibility.

Miss Philippines, Ariella Arida, the Philippines has been making it to the top 5 for years now but never really getting the crown, they came close to it last year and maybe this year Miss Philippines would be able to get the crown for her country. 

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