Miss Universe 2013: Check out the Asian Beauties in the Most Prestigious Pageant

By @Ze_Charm on

The most prestigious beauty pageant is going to unfold on the 9th of November in the Crocus City Hall in Krasgonorsk, Moscow Oblast, Russia. The 86 beauties from all over the world are going to battle it out to win the crown for this year's Miss Universe. While the long-legged Caucasian beauties have been making rounds over the internet for people's picks, the Asian beauties are definitely not lagging behind.

In fact, some of the contestants from the Asian region are becoming the crowd favorites, with the likes of Miss Philippines, Miss India, Miss Indonesia, Miss Japan and returning contestant Miss Myanmar.  

Miss Philippines is definitely one of the crowd favorites. Ariella Arida, having been chosen for the Mercedes-Benz commercial among 6 other candidates is surely making her country, the Philippines, proud.

Miss China, who was also picked for the Mercedes-Benz commercial is also becoming a strong contender in the Miss Universe pre-pageants. Ye Jin is sure to make her country, "The Land of the Sleeping Dragon", China, also very much proud of her.

Competing this year in the Miss Universe pageant after fifty years, is Miss Myanmar, Moe Set Wine. The Asian beauty stated that after making it to Moscow, Russia to represent her country, she says:

"I Am Part Of History, I Feel Like A Soldier"

Miss Japan, Yukimi Matsuo is also gaining fans after doing quite well at the fashion shows and showing that she proudly carries that flag of her country Japan. Watch out for this Asian beauty as she is also one of the strong contenders in this year's Miss Universe 2013.

Miss India, Manasi Moghe is proud to represent India and is the 50th representative of her country in the prestigious pageant and she is making sure that she does everything to win the crown.

Other competing Asian countries include Miss Indonesia and Miss Malaysia. Watch as these Asian beauties try to win the crown this year at the Crocus Hall in Moscow, Russia.

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