Miss Universe 2013: Can A Blonde Win This Year's Pageant?

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Can a blonde bring home the elusive Miss Universe 2013 crown? For a brunette-dominated pageant, the Miss Universe's 62nd edition features 10 blondes that could possibly take home the crown after Jennifer Hawkins, an Australian blonde hailed as Miss Universe 2004.

Here are the top 10 blonde beauty queens of this year's pageant. One of them could be the next most beautiful woman in the universe.

Miss Austria Doris Hofmann - Beauty queen and model, Hoffmann was raised in Steyr, Austria. She loves being with her family and friends according to the Miss Universe Web site. This 23-year-old Austrian blonde spends her time cooking, horseback riding, playing the piano and watching movies.

Miss Belgium Noémie Happart - Crowned as Miss Belgium 2013 Sunday night of Jan. 6. Happart is studying medicine and psychology at the University of Liege. Dancing since age 5, this 20-year-old Belgian blonde aspires to become a television host or actress.

Miss Bulgaria Reneta Krasteva - A breast cancer survivor, Krasteva is a professional dancer who enjoys writing poetry and swimming. This 21-year-old blonde loves to wander around nature, especially the stunning Bulgarian mountains.

Miss Estonia Kristina Karjalainen - Energetic and adventurous, Karjalainen is fascinated with culture and customs. She is currently studying Hungarian language and plans to study at least  four more languages.

Miss Finland Lotta Hintsa - The 25-year-old Finnish blonde is a daughter of a Formula 1 race car driver and has travelled the world. But she still finds peace and happiness whenever she is in the mmiddle of the Finnish nature. She also once ran a marathon in a five-minute's race.

Miss Netherlands Stephanie Tency - A student at Academie Vogue, Tency works as an actress and model. She loves sailing, surfing and wake boarding. She has been trained in horseback riding and ice skating.

Miss Slovak Republic Jeanette Borhyova - An economics and business student, Borhyova loves listening to Linkin Park and dreams to travel the world. She also played volleyball for six years, but later quit after continuous ankle injuries.

Miss Slovenia Nina Durevic - The 22-year-old blonde beauty is studying medicine at the University of Maribor in Slovenia and dreams to become a microsurgeon. She has played the violin for the symphonic orchestra of Austria for two years.

Miss Sweden Alexandra Friberg - This 19-year-old blonde was raised in the countryside near Stockholm and graduated from art and design school. Her brother has a rare chromosomal abnormality and considers him as her inspiraton.

Miss Switzerland Dominique Rinderknecht - With a bachelor's degree in communications, Rinderknecht is a skilled pianist and trained hip-hop dancer. She is one of the two Miss Universe contestants who are sporting a short hair during the pageant.

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