Miss Universe 2012: The Top 16

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Miss Universe 2012 has finally begun with over 89 beautiful ladies competing for the crown in the hustling and bustling city of Las Vegas. The night has already begun and the women included in the top 16 have already been announced. For those who haven't been keeping tabs on the competition, read on to find out!

Everyone just loves beauty contests and who wouldn't enjoy 89 women fighting for the most prestigious award in the universe? Despite the so-called End of the World on December 21, 2012, that for sure is not halting these 89 women from strutting their gowns and swimsuits.

Andy Cohen and Guiliana Rancic are set to host the 61st annual Miss Universe show happening in Las Vegas. The show was originally scheduled to air in the Dominican Republic Tourist city of Punta Cana but due to the country's financial situation, Las Vegas was the place to be. The show features performances by Australian singer, Timomatic and Train.

For those who still don't know the basics of the Miss Universe, contestants should not be married nor have children. All contestants must be younger than 27 and older than 18 of February 1 of each competition year.

Finally, for those who have been keeping their toes in wait. Here are the top 16 contestants of Miss Universe 2012:

16.  Venezuela 15. Turkey 14. France 13. Peru 12. Russia 11. Mexico 10. Poland 9. Hungary 8. South Africa 7. Philippines 6. Croatia 5. Brazil 4. Kosovo 3. Australia 2. India 1. USA

Coming up would be the highly-anticipated swimsuit contests where the ladies bare their sexy and sultry curves.

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