Miss Universe 2012 Top 10 Predictions: Voters' Picks and Early Judges' Favorites [PHOTOS]

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Tomorrow's the big coronation night, and fans already have their picks as to who will be the lovely candidates that will be included in the competition's initial cut, the top 10.

Fans from the participating 89 countries and territories are expressing their excitement for this year's most-anticipated beauty pageant, Miss Universe 2012. Each year, lovely candidates represent their nation through their grace, intelligence, and virtues that emanate the ideal woman; a role model to look up to by young ladies all over the world.

The preliminaries have already started and based on what the fans and judges are buzzing about, these are the 10 most likely candidates to be included in the first shed of the competition:

1.       Miss Georgia, Tamar Shedania

Tamar, born in 1992, has spent time as a professional model before winning the Miss Georgia 2012 title. Her blonde hair, slender figure, and blue eyes strike the look of a high-fashion beauty queen. Fans seem to agree since Tamar gained some of the highest votes in online Miss Universe polls.

2.       Miss USA, Olivia Culpo

21-year-old Olivia Culpo from Rhode Island is one of the early favorites, not only because she's from the host country, but also because of her subtle looks and finesse that makes her rise above the rest.

3.       Miss Philippines, Janine Tugonon

Janine nabbed the most Facebook votes and is declared the fan favorite, even before she swept the preliminary competitions for the pageant. Her looks define the natural beauty and grace of a Filipina, and it's no surprise why everyone seem to be excited for this candidate.

4.       Miss Australia, Renae Ayris

Raised in Perth, the blonde bombshell is making her country proud by becoming one of the top contenders in the said pageant.

5.       Miss Thailand, Farida Waller

Farida possess the western features and exotic look of a modern Thai beauty, making fans adore her with much confidence.

Other contenders for the top 10 are as follows:

6.       Miss Albania,  Adrola Drushi

7.       Miss Angola, Marcelina Vahekeni

8.       Miss Aruba, Liza Helder

9.       Miss El Salvador, Ana Yancy Clavel

10.     Miss Finland, Sara Yasmina Chafak

Start the slideshow to see photos of these lovely candidates. 

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