Miss Universe 2012, Olivia Culpo, Ready to Date in NY, Tells Men to 'Step It Up' [PHOTOS]


Now that Olivia is settling in New York City, the single beauty queen is ready to "mingle" and find her prince charming in the bustling big apple.

Deemed the "most attractive" woman in the world after winning the Miss Universe 2012 title, Olivia Culpo is ready to meet men deserving of her company and attention. Though men might be a little intimidated dating the world's most important beauty queen, Olivia is far from being high maintenance. Growing up in Rhode Island taught her how to keep her head down while enjoying success.

According to Donald Trump, many celebrities are all over Olivia, pursuing her like how a prince courts a princess. Some names that were brought up were Joe Jonas, and Olympian Ryan Lochte.

"That swimmer is all over her like a puppy dog. She's rebuffed all kinds of celebrities. Olivia is focused on being Miss Universe. She's a smart, good girl." assures Trump in a report.

The 20-year-old title holder also revealed what she looks for in men, and according to her, she finds gentlemen most attractive of all stereotypes.

"I want a gentleman, someone with manners. I may date this year. Maybe Prince Charming will come along. You boys better step it up." says Culpo in an interview reported by NY Daily News.

Also, it might not be a surprise if Olivia goes for men who don't like to party. It was reported that aside from shunning night clubs from her "to-do" list while in New York, the beauty queen is against the legalization of marijuana in the country.

It might not be so hard for Olivia to find her man in the city, as 2011's title holder, Leila Lopes, had her share of NYC dates, with hip-hop mogul, Russel Simmons, being the most famous of her men.

Do you think there's a huge chance of Olivia finding her perfect match in NYC?

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