Miss Universe 2012: Miss Australia & All You Need to Know [PHOTOS]

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Australia is celebrating one big win today with the latest developments in Miss Universe 2012. It has been a while since Australia has made it big in the win for Miss Universe 2012 and Renae Ayris of Perth, Australia finally makes a change in history. So who is Miss Australia, Renae Ayris?

Born on September 17, 1990, Renae Ayris was crowned Miss Australia on June 9, 2012 at the Melbourne Sofitel Hotel. Ayris outdid around 35 other delegates from across Australia and is currently competing with 89 women from across the country for the prestigious title of Miss Universe 2012.

The Miss Universe 2012 is currently being held at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas where the event is being hosted by Andy Cohen and Giuliana Rancic. In recent developments, Miss Australia, Renae Ayris has already been included in the top 16 along with a few others namely:

15. Miss Venezuela: Irene Esser 14. Miss Turkey: Çağıl Özge Özkul 13. Miss France: Marie Payet 12. Miss Peru: Nicole Faverón 11. Miss Russia: Elizaveta Golovanova 10. Miss Mexico: Karina González 9. Miss Poland: Marcelina Zawadzka 8. Miss Hungary: Agnes Konkoly 7. Miss South Africa: Melinda Bam 6. Miss Philippines: Janine Tugonon 5. Miss Croatia: Elizabeta Burg 4. Miss Brazil: Gabriela Markus 3. Miss Kosovo: Diana Avdiu 2. Miss India: Shilpa Singh 1. Miss USA: Olivia Culpo

In another great turn of events, Renae Ayris managed to make it to the top ten and top five respectively. Supporters of Ayris are tweeting non-stop on the social networking site, Twitter. Even former Miss Australia, Jesinat Campbell has her full-on support for Ayris who tweeted, "Thinking if you!! Smile and have fun".

The Perth local is said to be in the running to win the crown for Miss Universe 2012. If Ayris does manage to win, this will be the first once again for Australia since Jennifer Hawkins' win in 2004 and Kerry Anne Wells win back in 1972.

For now, fans of the Australian beauty should sit back, watch and wait for the results. Hopefully, Renae Ayris does manage to bring home the crown!

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