Miss Universe 2012: The Big Winners [PHOTOS]

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The Miss Universe 2012 has finally wrapped up at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas where over 89 gorgeous women had competed for the prestigious award. With the evend hosted by Andy Cohen and Giuliana Rancic, here are all the winners for the night.

Millions of fans had given their all-out support for their own representatives from each country. However, only the best and the brightest had won. To wrap up the winners, here are the top sixteen to top ten to the top five until the crowned winners of the night.

16. Miss Venezuela: Irene Esser 15. Miss Turkey: Çağıl Özge Özkul 14. Miss France: Marie Payet 13. Miss Peru: Nicole Faverón 12. Miss Russia: Elizaveta Golovanova 11. Miss Mexico: Karina González 10. Miss Poland: Marcelina Zawadzka 9. Miss Hungary: Agnes Konkoly 8. Miss South Africa: Melinda Bam 7. Miss Philippines: Janine Tugonon 6. Miss Croatia: Elizabeta Burg 5. Miss Brazil: Gabriela Markus 4. Miss Kosovo: Diana Avdiu 3. Miss Australia: Renae Ayris 2. Miss India: Shilpa Singh 1. Miss USA: Olivia Culpo

The first special award handed out was for Miss Photogenic which went to Miss Kosovo, Diana Avdiu. This was then followed by the announcement of top ten which are as follows:

10. Miss Australia: Renae Ayris 9. Miss Russia: Elizaveta Golovanova 8. Miss Brazil: Gabriela Markus 7. Miss France: Marie Payet 6. Miss Venezuela: Irene Esser 5. Miss USA: Olivia Culpo 4. Miss Hungary: Agnes Konkoly 3. Miss South Africa: Melinda Bam 2. Miss Mexico: Karina González 1. Miss Philippines: Janine Tugonon

Another special award was handed out for Miss Congeniality of which went to Miss Guatemala, Laura Godoy. This was then followed by the announcement of the top five which are as follows:

5. Miss Venezuela: Irene Esser 4. Miss Philippines: Janine Tugonon 3. Miss Australia: Renae Ayris 2. Miss USA: Olivia Culpo 1. Miss Brazil: Gabriela Markus

Last award handed out for the night was Best in Costume of which was handed to Miss China. As for the final winners of the night, they are as follows:

Fourth Runner Up: Miss Brazil: Gabriela Markus Third Runner Up: Miss Australia: Renae Ayris Second Runner Up: Miss Venezuela: Irene Esser First Runner Up: Miss Philippines: Janine Tugonon Miss Universe 2012: Miss USA: Olivia Culpo

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