Miss International 2012 Ikumi Yoshimatsu Ultimately Opens Up About Absence From Miss International 2013 Pageant

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Miss International 2012 Ikumi Yoshimatsu's Life and career is being intimidated by Genichi Taniguchi (president of Pearl Dash and an executive at K-Dash) an influential person in Japanese entertainment industry. Raising voice against exploitation of women by management has long been forbidden in Japan's entertainment world but unlike other victims Ikumi Yoshimatsu has decided to fight back. She had filed a complaint against Taniguchi for pestering her and attempting to spoil her life and line of business. 

The trouble started shortly after Yoshimatsu's coronation as Miss International 2012 in Okinawa and then turning down a deal with a talent agency. Yoshimatsu's decision to leave her agency and set up her own company named IY Global  further added to her trouble. Yoshimatsu in her  official facebook page, finally revealed the reason for being absent in the activities of the Miss International 2013 pageant. She stated that for the past year, she was being threatened by Taniguchi who allegedly called her family and threatened them. She posted a message on Twitter that is now under a 24 - hour Security Protection.

Yoshimatsu revealed her feeling of compunction for not being able to attend this year's Pageant and also mentioned that the 2008 titleholder, Alejandra Andreu is assigned to fullfil her duties now. 

"Is everyone long time no see. For a while, I was over anxious to not be able to update. But, I am staying healthy as ever. The person who gave me a warm message we will be grateful. Just today, there is an important report to everyone of the fan," stated Yoshimatsu. Read her full statement here

On December 17,  she posted a goodluck mesage on Twitter to all Miss International 2013 contestants:  

Watch: Ikumi Yoshimatsu -Miss International FINAL SPEECH

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