Miss Indiana Mekayla Diehl Becomes Social Media Phenomenon For her Curvy and Womanly Body In Swimsuit Round

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Miss Nevada, Nia Sanchez has been declared as the Miss USA 2014 winner this year but there is another woman who is gaining all the media attention for her "normal" body and she is Miss Indiana Mekayla Diehl. Though the beauty queen did not make it to the Top 10 finalists but when she appeared on the Miss USA 2014 stage wearing a swimsuit, social media went crazy with comments on her fabulous looking body. Mekayla looked healthy and normal when compared to other beauties who were on the verge of skinny and thin and people loved it.

"Miss Indiana is gorgeous. I'm SO sick of body talk, fat talk, skinny talk, etc. Wish our society would just stop," wrote @SororitySouth on Twitter with a picture of Miss Indiana. Check it out here.

"S/o to Miss Indiana for having a normal/relatable body," wrote @taylorsistek on Twitter praising Mekayla's body.

"Miss Indiana shows you don't have to be super skinny to be beautiful," wrote @hi_itskenna on Twitter.

The beauty queen, who made it to Top 20 finalists, has responded to the overwhelming response she got on the social media network and said that she has worked "hard" to achieve this kind of body but she believes in healthy living and not being "skinny."

"I worked hard on my body without obsessing over being too skinny and I couldn't be more proud," Diehl tweeted.

"It's quite overwhelming, in a positive way. I wanted to just continue a healthy lifestyle and inspire others to go after their dreams. I never imagined that it would be in a swimsuit," the 25-year-old told Fox and Friends in a recent interview.  

The beauty queen has become a social media phenomenon after Miss USA 2014 night and has been receiving Tweets from various anorexic people too who are finding her to be an inspiration. "I'm an Recovering anorexic and I think you look fabulous. Don't change who you are and thank you for loving your body," wrote @raffeecraze13 to Mekayla and she retweeted it.

However the irony of Mekayla is that she was eliminated from being the Top 10 finalists because her swimsuit score was not high enough. She is reportedly 25 pounds heavier than the average Miss USA contestant. She stands 5'8" tall and weighs 137 pounds. Mekayla wears a size 4 dress, Etonline.com reports. But Mekalya doesn't care about it and says she is proud to look womanly!

"I'm 25 and a woman, so I'm glad I look womanly. I think I'm inspiring a lot of young girls, which is what we need in today's society," the beauty queen told the Web site. 

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