Miss Idaho Sierra Sandison Garbs Insulin Pump During Bikini Pageant, Gives Birth to #showmeyourpump Hashtag on Twitter

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Miss Idaho Sierra Sandison gives birth to #showmeyourpump hashtag on the social media Twitter after she posted a picture of herself proudly wearing the insulin pump during a bikini pageant.

According to an article from E! Online, the newly crowned beauty queen revealed that she took inspiration from Miss America 1999 Nicole Johnson. The director shared the story the former beauty queen's story to her learning that she was diabetic. Miss Idaho who was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes since 2012 was giving herself an insulin shot when the director asked her about her community service platform.

During the competition, the 20-year old beauty attached the insulin pump to the bottom of her two piece bikini during the controversial bikini portion.

"I knew the judges knew what it was, so I was hoping it wouldn't affect my score in any negative way," Sandison stated. But she was later told that the audience thought she brought a cellphone on stage.

Days after the bikini pageant, Sierra Sandison posted the photo on her Facebook account. The snapshot later gave birth to the #showmeyourpump Hashtag on Twitter and Instagram.

The Independent mentioned that the beauty queen inspired diabetic patients from various countries such as Australia, America, Venezuela, Turkey, UK and other places who have joined the campaign. Pictures of patients showing their stomachs, arms, heads and other body parts with attached insulin pumps flooded the social media with accompanying heartwarming messages.

One user @kookyK8 shared that she had underwent 25 tough years going insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM) and that she had 1 year of pump therapy and the best hemoglobin A1c test (HbA1c) ever. Another user @AustinBasis tweeted that he had type 1 diabetes for 29 years and that he had been wearing insulin pump for 15 years. Still another user @OceanTragic posted: "@sierra_anne93 you're a great role model for my 13yo daughter who shows her pump with pride."

In her Miss Idaho blog, the reigning beauty queen looks forward to utilise her influence as Miss Idaho to promote diabetes education to the public.

"Now, with the title of Miss Idaho, I have had a million new opportunities to spread the word about diabetes and overcoming obstacles!" she wrote.

Sierra Sandison stated that she was overwhelmed upon knowing that she had touched so many lives by simply wearing her pump on the stage.

"It means so much to me, and I hope I can touch many more during my year as Miss Idaho," the beauty queen posted.

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