Miss Australia 2013 Dreams Crash as Philippines Takes Miss World Crown

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Miss Australia, Erin Holland, lost out in the Miss World competition to the newly crowned beauty queen from the Philippines. There were great expectations riding on her success, as she was one of the favourites.

Erin had to face stiff competition from 127 other contestants from across the globe. She was among the top 10 contestants to reach the semi-final round. The top five finalists were France, Philippines, Ghana, Brazil and Spain.

The Philippines took the Miss World crown beating the other top finalists. "I treasure a core value of humanity and that guides people why they act the way they do. I will use this to show other people how they can understand each other... as one, we can help society," Ms Philippines said when asked why she should be crowned.

Miss Australia took the talent contest by storm as she dazzled the audience with her incredible singing prowess. Erin sang "Someone Luke You" from Jeckyl and Hyde. She, however, lost the contest to Larissa of Indonesia, for her "flawless" rendition of "A Question of Honour."

Erin is from North Queensland. She was born and raised in Cairns. At the age of 17 she followed her dreams of music to Sydney, where she enrolled on a scholarship at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

Erin is a talented singer who also plays the clarinet and saxophone. She hopes that one day she can be a leading lady in a Broadway show. She entered as Miss Australia, a participant in the Miss World contest.

 Erin is also an ambassador for the Muscular Dystrophy Foundation. In her spare time, she enjoys yoga and reading. She likes Asian cuisine and described herself as a vibrant, outgoing and hardworking individual.

The Miss World contest faced some controversy, as some Muslims held protests against the competition. Hundreds of Muslims gathered for a prayer near a mosque near the capital at the same time as the event was being held.

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The bikini or swim suit round was replaced with sarongs at the beach. Miss Australia, however, won top marks for her catwalk skills on the runway. The contest had won her a place among the top 10.

The journey of Miss Australia may continue despite this set back, as she endeavours to help charitable organisations by raising funds. She supports organisations like Lilla Community (Indigenous Outreach Program near Uluru, Australia's Red Centre) and Children's First Foundation.

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