Miranda Kerr’s First Year Anniversary as Ambassador for Kids Helpline Australia

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The year 2014 marks Miranda Kerr's first year anniversary as ambassador for Kids Helpline Australia.

Kids Helpline is Australia's only free counseling service online that offers services to young children aged 5 up to adult aged 25. The organisation has been operating for more than 20 years now since its inception in March 1991. Counsellors reportedly responds to call daily regarding issues about sexual abuse, relationship problems, suicidal thoughts, and alcoholism among several other life issues. Since 1991, Kids Helpline has answered more than "six million phone calls and online contacts," as stated on its official Web site.

On May 21, Kerr tweeted:

Kerr was named Kids Helpline Australia's ambassador in February 2013. Speaking to media reporters via Sunshinecoastdaily.com.au, Kerr said that a "tragedy" in her family where one of her younger cousins committed suicide played a big role that made her accept the responsibility as the charity ambassador.

"It's important they have someone to turn to for advice that will help them grow and flourish into little human beings," said Kerr. "I have a voice now, and it's important for me, personally, to use that in a positive way," Kerr added.

"I want every child in Australia to know that there is someone who will listen to them, someone who can talk to them, no matter how big or small the issue."

Celebrities like Kerr can certainly use her own status in the society to influence people. Kerr has done ample charity work. According to Looktothestars.org, Kerr is involved in four charitable organisations and 12 charitable causes. She supports Children International, Red Cross, Virgin Unite, and Wildlife Warriors Worldwide. The causes she supports include adoption, AIDS & HIV, children, environment, health, and animals' relief to name a few. Kerr recently donated $100,000 to an elephant charity in Thailand, Vogue.com.au reported. The money that Kerr contributed will be used to fund a hospital for baby elephants.

There are tons of kind-hearted celebrities and Kerr is one of them, who allots time and money for great causes.


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