Miranda Kerr Turns Heads with her Revealing Dress at Golden Globes 2013 [PHOTOS]


Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr never failed to turn the heads of crowd at the recently concluded Golden Globes 2013 with her revealing outfit.

Miranda donned a crimson dress with a thigh-high split and a plunging neckline that allowed the model to show more skin. She completed the look wearing a gold strappy heels and gold clutch bag.

Her husband, Orlando Bloom, had his eyes transfixed on his wife admiring the beauty of the 29-year-old supermodel.

The couple appearing in the awards ceremony together dispel the split rumours surrounding their relationship.

Last week, the couple showed love and affection for each other as they shared a kiss on the street but rumours said that it was all fake.

The Hollywood's cute couple challenged the split rumours on Friday when they showed their affection for one another outside of a spa in Los Angeles. Orlando picked up his wife from her pampering session and gave her a kiss on the lips.

However, some reports claimed that this public display of affection is nothing but a publicity stunt to put the rumours to rest. In one of the shots taken by the paparazzi who witnessed the event, Orlando was aware of the cameras and felt awkward as if he needed to do something; hence, the kiss.

Nevertheless, fans of the couple are delighted of the news that the couple is back together and is working to straighten out the wrinkle in their relationship.

Early this month, Miranda Kerr posted tweets that insinuated her split with husband Orlando Bloom. Everyone is mulling over the possibility that one of Hollywood's cutest couple broke up. The recent tweets of Miranda sparked a controversy that made fans go wild.

On January 1st, Miranda Kerr posted a controversial photo on her Instagram account as the pic of her lovely hand showed her missing expensive engagement ring and wedding band.

The model mother posted the image of her bling-adorned hand yesterday with the caption "Good morning xxx." However, her $450,000 engagement ring and her wedding band were nowhere in sight.

Miranda and Orlando did not release an official comment about the rumours but their actions said it all.

See the slideshow for the photos of Miranda Kerr at the recent Golden Globes 2013.

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