Miranda Kerr Truly Forgotten: Orlando Bloom Now Dating Nora Arnezeder and Getting Cozy with a ‘Brunette’ in NY

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Orlando Bloom may have truly forgotten his ex-wife Miranda Kerr as latest reports claimed that the actor was hitting on two girls at once.

Independent.ie reported that the divorce finally hit Miranda Kerr and the Aussie supermodel is now devastated as her former husband is dating French actress Nora Arnezeder. Rumours claimed that Miranda was unhappy with the budding romance between the two.

The report cited British magazine Grazia with a source saying, "I think Miranda had really started to believe the marriage was salvageable. They'd been spending so much time together, but clearly circumstances changed and Orlando called her to tell her he was now dating Nora. It seems Miranda was devastated."

Nora Arnezeder was introduced to Orlando the latter's "The Lord of the Rings" co-star and mutual friend Elijah Wood, who starred alongside the French actress in "Maniac." Orlando was spotted by a paparazzi last week giving Nora a lift in his bike.

In another report, Orlando Bloom was spotted partying in New York with a group of friends. However, the actor was getting cozy with a "brunette."

AZCentral cited New York Post newspaper wherein an onlooker revealed that "Orlando was with friends, but was focused on one American girl, a brunette. He was getting cozy with her. He had his hand on her leg, and she was whispering in his ear while they were looking at pictures of his son on his phone."

Friends also told Grazia that Miranda is now preparing herself for the divorce. "Orlando's change of heart really seems to have blindsided her. I think she thought they were set to move back in together," said the source.

As if her marriage blues are not enough, Miranda Kerr is now caught up in a family circus. In the most recent episode of "Family Confidential" on Australia's ABC1, Miranda's family revealed the real status of the model's relationship with her family. Miranda's parents have become emotional during the interview.

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