Miranda Kerr Spotted Out on a Date: Who’s The Lucky Guy?

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Miranda Kerr was spotted out on a date last Tuesday in New York City.

It seemed that Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr was not kidding when she said that she was ready to date. In fact, she was seen on a date where she shared smiles and a bottle of vino with a man wearing a bunny costume, according to Daily Mail.

The pair was seen by a paparazzi in the corner of a Soho restaurant. Based on the set-up, the 30-year-old model was in the middle of filming an unknown commercial. However, it seemed that the commercial was somehow connected to the upcoming Easter celebration.

When the man wearing the bunny suit took of his costume, he could not look straight at Miranda's face, especially when she flashed her cutesy smile. Many would say that he was one lucky man as it is not everyday that you could dine and wine with a former Victoria's Secret angel.

Miranda seemed to be staying in New York for a while as she was recently reunited with her son Flynn. The Australian supermodel spent a week in Japan and Korea to promote Reebok's new shoes. Thus, the model looked overjoyed when she took Flynn out for a walk in New York City.

Meanwhile, although Miranda was ready to date, she never forgets to complement her ex-husband Orlando Bloom. Miranda said that she felt lucky to have Orlando Bloom as the father of her child.

"He is a great dad and I feel really lucky to have him in my life. I think it's really important to have two happy parents and he is really happy and I am happy," the model said.

The model also stated that she was happy with the separation. The divorce of the two will be finalized soon. Miranda and Orlando announced their split late last year that shocked their fans. However, the two insisted that their separation was an amicable one and they remained friends for the sake of their son.

The couple shared the responsibilities in rearing their child. Miranda was based in New York while Orlando was usually in Los Angeles. 

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