Miranda Kerr Sizzles Facebook, Instagram with Almost Naked Photo

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Miranda Kerr heated up everyone's Sunday morning with her side boob.

The Australian supermodel posted a new photo of her naked body in her social media accounts, Facebook and Instagram. The photo showed the model as if she just stepped out of the shower.

A towel was draped over her front, leaving her side and back exposed. Her hair was wrapped in another towel. The Australian stunner looked beautiful with very little make-up.

The photo has a caption of "Great shoot @mariotestino." Apparently, this is for one of Miranda's many photo shoots. Fans and followers of Miranda Kerr praised the model's black and white photo and, as always, appreciated the model's beauty.

It was recently revealed that posing naked and in lingerie was never a part of Miranda's plan when she started her modelling career. After Miranda won a modelling competition in Australia at the very young age of 14, she was interviewed by reporter Tracy Grimshaw and was asked if she would turn down any jobs as her career as a model progressed.

"I won't be doing any lingerie shots or anything like that," Miranda said. However, Miranda has become one of the famous faces of world-renowned lingerie brand - Victoria's Secret. The model also showed acres of flesh for some of her pictorials.

Amidst her marriage blues, Miranda Kerr was also in the middle of family drama. Miranda's family revealed the real status of her relationship with her own family in the most recent episode of "Family Confidential" on Australia's ABC1. But the model remained grateful and thanked her family for the love and support.

Miranda has her plate full with family issues and her imminent divorce with actor Orlando Bloom. However, Miranda finds solace with her son Flynn. The model boasts her son's gift to her on Valentine's Day. Moreover, work keeps Miranda busy and takes her mind off her problems.

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