Miranda Kerr Posts Pics Wearing Sexy, Strappy Lingerie [PHOTOS]

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Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr posts steamy photos of herself on her Instagram account wearing sexy and strappy lingerie.

Last Friday, the hardworking supermodel shared the hot photo with a caption of "Good afternoon world. Shooting @victoriassecret with @frankiefoye and @rmsbeauty. Sending love and light." It seems like Miranda wants to keep her fans updated with her busy schedule.

The photo allowed many fans to take a peak with what is Victoria's Secret preparing in its next collection. The supermodel definitely looks super sexy in her pose, but then again she has nothing on but a bra and panties. Known for her fabulous figure, the model can show off any under garment and look good without even trying.

Miranda Kerr once said that feeling good starts in wearing the right undergarments. The model mom revealed that her secret lies on choosing the right clothes according to her body type. Moreover, she only wears the clothes that she feels good in.

Miranda told stylecaster.com, "Well, I'm a tactile person, so whatever I wear has to feel good - and it has to fit your body correctly. I really believe in dressing to your body type, and to be quite honest with you, I'm all about underwear. I feel like putting on sexy underwear underneath your clothes is where it starts."

Kerr suggests going all out when it comes to underwear and not settling for plain or boring styles. Even if you have nothing special planned during the day, the model claims wearing a garter or stockings will add "a little bit of mystery" to your look.

She also revealed that after she picked her undergarments, the 29-year-old model choose her shoes next. "I ask myself, 'what shoes am I in the mood for today'? Then I pick my outfit based on that. If I'm revealing my legs, I'll cover the top part. If I'm revealing the top part, I'll cover the legs a little bit - just to keep it classy," she said.

See the photos of Miranda Kerr in her sexy lingerie shoot for Victoria's Secret.

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