Miranda Kerr, Orlando Bloom Divorce Update: Actor Miserable Since Split With Model Wife

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Orlando Bloom admitted that he was miserable since his split with his model wife Miranda Kerr.

Belfast Telegraph reported that Orlando told actor and good friend Justin Theroux "that he would bitterly regret it if he didn't fight for Jen, saying that he'd been lonely and miserable since his split from Miranda. Orlando made Justin realise just how important Jen is to him."

Amidst his divorce with Miranda Kerr, Orlando Bloom advised his good friend Justin Theroux how to handle his relationship with Jennifer Aniston.

Justin is engaged to Jennifer Aniston but there were undying rumours about their relationship and that they split up. The two were forced to spend some time apart when Justin needed to work on the East Coast and Jennifer stayed in Los Angeles that added fuel to the fire.

According to an insider cited by Heat magazine, Justin spent a night out with the boys even if it was Jennifer's 45th birthday. However, the insider said that Orlando "kept telling Justin that he should be with Jen, rather than his friends." The source added that Justin cannot really respond because he was guilty.

The actor set himself and Miranda as an example and warned Justin not to commit the same mistakes he did with his ex-wife. Orlando "begged him to stop being so stubborn and acting so distant with the woman he was supposed to marry." It seemed that Jen and Justin are good since no new rumours of their alleged split emerged.

Orlando called it quits with his model wife Miranda late last year and has kept things civil with her for the sake of their three-year-old son, Flynn. One of the factors of the break up was the many occasions that the couple spent apart due to work commitments. There were times that Orlando and Miranda were spending time in two different continents.

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