Miranda Kerr Makes Peace With Family As She Spends Mother’s Day in Australia

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Miranda Kerr’s family drama appears to have ended after the supermodel returned to Australia during the weekend to spend Mother’s Day with them.

In February, the family of the former Victoria’s Secret model admitted that she had cut all communications from them after a bitter feud from over a year.

Her mother Therese said in the docudrama series “Family Confidential” that she tried to reconnect with her daughter, but Miranda hadn’t returned her text messages. The family even learned of her separation from her husband, British actor Orlando Bloom, from Orlando.

It appears that the Kerr family drama have been resolved after Miranda was spotted spending Mother’s Day with Therese in Sydney. Miranda and her three-year-old son Flynn were greeted by the Kerr family at the airport on Saturday.

Miranda also posted her family photo on her Instagram account with the caption, “Such a special day with my family. Happy Mother’s Day to all.”

According to Therese, Miranda jetted off to Asia after their reunion, leaving Flynn with his grandparents.

“They’ve been home and then Miranda ducked off to Shanghai and Singapore so we’ve had Flynn. We went to the zoo and all sorts of things so it was just beautiful,” she told “Today” show host Karl Stefanovic and Lisa Wilkinson on Monday.

Therese also showed her new pendant necklace, which was given by Miranda for Mother’s Day, and her new bracelet, which was from son Matthew.

Meanwhile, Miranda revealed how she copes with challenges.

In an interview with the Telegraph, she talked about how a traumatic experience changed her approach to life. Her high school boyfriend died in a car accident in 1998.

“When I have challenges now, I feel like I sit with them, I try to look at things, because there’s always a positive and a negative to everything,” she said.

“And sometimes I’ll speak to friends, and sometimes I’ll just meditate and I’ll visualise letting it go, or whatever it might be. Meditation and yoga, and having people, as I said, who you trust, who you talk to. But also writing. I like to write, and then I can rip it up or burn it.”

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