Miranda Kerr Love Triangle: James Packer, David Gyngell Fights Over Supermodel?

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Miranda Kerr is now caught up with the rumour that Australia's leading businessmen James Packer and David Gyngell fought over her.

According to a report from Independent.co.uk, the once close friends get into a scandalous brawl in Sydney. The real reason of the street fight was still unconfirmed.

Photographers stalking out outside Packer's residence in Bondi Beach witnessed the scene and immediately documented the said fight. The report said that the fight suddenly started when James Packer pulled up behind a van of News Corp owned by Gyngell.

The report also cited photographer Brendan Beirne who said that "Within seconds it just exploded. They were beating the hell out of each other." The photos of the brawl went viral online.

It was speculated that Nine Network satellite TV news van was parked outside Packer's flat to scout and allegedly to catch Packer with Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr. Rumours claimed that Miranda and James were dating since the model's split to her husband, Orlando Bloom. Apparently, the van apparently belonged to an employee of the TV network who happened to live in the same street.

Meanwhile, the 31-year-old supermodel already cleared up the rumours between her and the Aussie billionaire confirming that he was just a friend.

Also, Miranda was not looking for another shot at love right now. "I'm not looking for anything too serious or to be in a relationship. I'm not ready, I'd rather just go on a date here and there," Miranda told Australia's Sunday Times Magazine.

The model and her ex-husband Orlando Bloom called it quits after six years of being together. But the two insisted that their separation was amicable and was a mutual decision. The two filed for divorce which is expected to be finalized soon.

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