Miranda Kerr: “I Won’t Go Down Without a Fight” to Email Hacker Threatening Family on Valentine's Day [PHOTOS]

Miranda Kerr Family Threatened by Email Hacker, Supermodel Expresses Fear after Feeling Violated

  on February 14 2013 12:26 PM

Always the stunning and refreshingly beautiful, supermodel Miranda Kerr has shown another side of her - - being a strong woman. This came following reports that her family has been threatened by the perpetrator who hacked into her account on the eve of Valentine's Day. 

More details of the incident have been forwarded to the police.

The Australian model has been in close coordination with the local authorities following discovery that her email account had been compromised.

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It appeared that Miranda’s personal account has been hacked and the cyber bully has even reported threatening her family.

The Daily Telegraph noted that Kerr’s family “have been rocked by the tone and personal nature of the threat.”

"It was something that was personal and that threatened to affect my family, so obviously I'm taking it very seriously," the 29-year-old Victoria’s Secret hottie said, according to news.com.au, quoting The Daily Telegraph.

The police is now working on the case, said NSW Fraud and Cybercrime Squad chief, Detective Superintendent Col Dyson.

"We have contacted her service provider and are now trawling through her account as part of our inquiry," Dyson said in a statement, assuring Kerr that the person behind the cyber crime incident will be in the police hands for intiial investigations.

Kerr has been cooperative with authorities, Dyson noted.

He said, "Ms Kerr gave a statement to an officer. In the interview she informed us of what she believed was a hacking incident, which is now being investigated."

And Kerr has stood her ground on the incident, revealing a very strong side of her, a far cry from the refreshingly and stunningly Australian beauty.

"What I don't think people know about me is that I am a very strong person,” Kerr was quoted as firing back following the cyber hacking incident.

She maintained: "I won't go down without a fight.”

Miranda Kerr has been a successful supermodel for Victoria’s Secret. She said earlier however, that “having a voice now, she would use it to a good cause.”

The mother of Baby Flynn has been named as ambassador to Kids Help Line and assured the Australian public that she will do everything to promote awareness and stop violence against the youth.

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