Miranda Kerr Flirting with Bruno Mars? [PHOTOS and VIDEO]

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Australian supermodel and Victoria's Secret pin up girl, Miranda Kerr, was caught in a flirtatious interview with singer Bruno Mars right before the recent Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

Miranda Kerr and Bruno Mars narrowed down some of their similarities like "being the only one in their families to have dimples."

The new video was released last Friday and was unlocked by fans that passed it around to friends online and posted details about the interview. With thousands of fans spreading the word about the video, it was released for everyone to watch.

Obviously, when talking about life a great place to start would be dimples and that is exactly what Miranda was interested in discussing.

"I think I am the only one. I got four sisters and a brother and I am the only one," said Bruno Mars answering Miranda Kerr's question about the indentations on his face. The interview started out kind of cheeky, but it was entertaining for the fans.

Not to be outdone it appears the Victoria's Secret Angel also has dimples. "I am the only one in my family with dimples too," said Miranda Kerr showing off her cute face and her heart melting wink.

Bruno Mars said that he was excited to perform on the famous annual runway show. He confessed that he is watching the show for years and Miranda Kerr was his favorite model.

Miranda shared that as a kid, her grandmother made her sing "You Are My Sunshine" that kicked off a sing off between the model and the "The Lazy Song" hit maker.

The popular runway show will be broadcasted on CBS on December 4.

Watch the video of steamy interview of Miranda Kerr and Bruno Mars below and see the slideshow for the photos of Miranda Kerr in the recent Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

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