Miranda Kerr Finally Talks about her Split with Orlando Bloom: What Does She Think of Bloom Dating Liv Tyler? [See Photos]

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After their marriage of three years, it was a shock to their fans and to Hollywood when supermodel and former Victoria's Secret Angel, Miranda Kerr split with British actor Orlando Bloom. The two seemed like a couple that were madly in love. Both had the looks and were good in their own craft. The couple have a son named Flynn.

In October of this year, the supermodel announced her split from Bloom. Despite them telling the press everything they could about their private lives, the media had gone to writing things such as the various reasons for their failed marriage. There were those who attempted to say that it was Bloom's idea of finally letting go of the marriage since Miranda was too stuck up in her work to be a mother to Flynn and a wife to him. There were other sites that said it was because Miranda was dating the richest man in Australia, James Packer, which was the reason for her break-up with Bloom.

The latest in instances is now because Bloom had always fancied co-star in the "Lord of the Rings", Liv Tyler. The two were said to have gotten cozy at the premiere of a movie in a private room where they were caught canoodling and holding hands.

Kerr had finally opened up about her marriage with Bloom saying in her interview with Harper's Bizarre Australia, "We respect each other and with respect comes understanding. When there's understanding, I guess everything is a little more harmonious. We're still very big parts of each other's lives. There's no reason for us to be anything but a united front. We still love and care for each other deeply."

Kerr had also added:

"'Flynn is the most important thing in both our lives. And because we share that bond, we both feel it's important to be united."

We hope all celebrities could be like this, the two seem to be best of friends despite everything that is going on in their lives and Flynn is a boy who is very much loved by his parents.

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