Miranda Kerr Estranged: Family Begging Her To Come Home

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Miranda Kerr’s mum and dad are pleading for her to come back to Australia. The 30-year-old supermodel is apparently estranged from her family since 2013, and now they are begging her to return to them.

In the docudrama series “Family Confidential,” the Kerrs revealed that the former Victoria’s Secret model cut all communications from them following a bitter feud “over a year” has passed. They even learned of her separation from ex-husband Orlando Bloom from the British actor himself.

Her mother Therese, father John, brother Matthew, and grandmother Ann are now pleading for her to visit them with her three-year-old son Glynn.

“Miranda’s life is so different now. She’s surrounded by yes people all the time. It’s so important for me to be real, to be true, to be who she needs me to be,” a “love letter” penned by Therese read.

Therese is trying to reconnect with her, but Miranda hasn’t returned her text messages, which Therese was filmed sending her daughter.

“We have been best friends for most of our life. We used to talk just about every day. I send her messages, just little texts to say ‘I love you honey, let your little light shine, my arms are wrapped around you.’”

And while he promised that they’ll always treat Orlando like family, he admitted that he wished her daughter just married a nobody “because you really can’t get that family time by yourself.”

Ann, meanwhile, misses her great-grandchild.

“I miss the baby and I think he’s missing out on family, that closeness that we have always had,” she said of Flynn. “It’s very nice where they are but nothing like Australia, nothing and I think hopefully Flynn might end up here. We just keep our fingers crossed.”

Matthew added, “I’d like to spend more one-on-one time instead of with an entourage of people who we don’t really know. I love her to death, I just want to see her more.”

The model’s spokeswoman told news.com.au that Miranda “wasn’t able to be back in Australia to film this episode due to her busy international work schedule but is grateful to her parents, brother and extended family in Australia for their ongoing support and love.

“The Kerr family have a special and unique bond and I’m sure this intimate insight will be viewed fondly by all.”

“Family Confidential” will air on Tuesday, 8pm, on ABC1.

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