Miranda Kerr, ‘Dumb Ways to Die’ Join 2012 Top Australian Viral Videos or Memes [VIDEOS]

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Australian viral memes and videos are made for the world by and/or feature Aussies themselves. This year’s top winner in viewing count is a late entry (uploaded only three weeks ago). But it’s a really brilliant work of art – and humour.

Here are five of Australia’s most memorable memes and videos for the year 2012.

5. Scumbag Gina Rinehart Memes - Australian mining tycoon Gina Rinehart drew flak in September for publishing an advice to Aussies getting minimum wage. She said those who are "jealous of those with more money" should "spend less time drinking, or smoking and socializing and more time working." It sparked unflattering memes on various social, with most memes pointing out she does not know anything about "working."

Gina Rinehart Meme (Tumblr)

4. Victoria's Secret ‘Angel’ Miranda Kerr in Tropical Paradise

Miranda Kerr struts on the beach and rolls in bed in a Victoria's Secret ad for its cotton lingerie line in July. "If I didn't know, I would've thought this girl didn't (sic) actually give birth to a baby boy," says YouTube commenter Lisa Le.

3. Rachel Leahcar, The Voice Australia Season 1 third-placer. Leahcar, born with retinitis pigmentosa, is 90% blind. In a reality show with a segment called “blind audition,” there was a redundancy in her presence. Her condition was overshadowed by the power of her voice. See her April performance of “La Vie En Rose.”

2. Karise Eden, The Voice Australia Season 1 winner. Eden has moved many Aussies with her will to move on from a troubled youth. Her “It’s a Man’s Man’s World” blind audition in April is a hit on YouTube.

1. “Dumb Ways to Die,” a public transport ad for Melbourne Metro, has drawn 8 million views on YouTube in a week's time. Three weeks later, the viewing count has skyrocketed to 31.5 million. It’s cute, it’s twisted, and it’s brilliant. And it leaves a funny song in your head.


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