Miranda Fugate aka 'Shovel Girl' Video Sparks Criminal Investigation

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The video of a fight between two teenagers went viral after it was uploaded to Vine. In the video is Miranda Lynn Fugate, 16-years old from Springfield,Ohio. The teenager got into a fight with another girl after trying to retrieve a "BB gun."

Initialy, viewers were only able to see a six-second clip of the video wherein Fugate was hit on the head with a shovel. However, the full version was later uploaded to LiveLeak.com and Worldstar Hip Hip, which according to CBC.ca it garnered 3.1 million views.

MIranda Fugate became an overnight sensation with people tweeting and sharing the video to social sites such as Twitter and Reddit. Some even made their own meme out of the incident (with a shovel they poised as if to hit someone).

Miranda Fugate's popularity even gained her her own "death" hoax, where it says that she eventually died because of serious head injuries. She quickly dispelled the rumour on her Twiiter account, saying she is not dead and she doesn't know why there are rumours saying that she is.

The popularity of the video on the net also sparked the cops to conduct a criminal investigation. They are investigating the girl who hit Fugate with the shovel. Buzzfeed reported that a certain Emily Powers confirmed on her Twitter account that she is responsible for throwing the shovel.

"Yes B**ch!!! I threw the shovel!!! made this account because ppl where talking shit about me here," reads Power's Twitter profile.

A representative for Miami County Sheriff's office in Ohio, told TMZ  Wednesday, that they are currently conducting an investigation on Emily Powers. Further adding that they have already assigned a deputy to investigate after they were contacted by Fugate's school. Major Steve Lord told TMZ that Emily Powers could be charged with assault or disorderly conduct.

Meanwhile, viewers posted their thoughts on Emily Powers on Twitter.

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