Minori: Shironuri Fashionista to Bring Revolution in 'Japanese Street Fashion'

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Minori, a 23-year-old fashion student, has added a new lease of life to Japanese fashion by bringing in a new style called "shironuri," which means "painted in white."

Minori started a new trend in the streets of Tokyo when she stepped out with her face painted in white while wearing breath-taking floral outfits. She began this unique trend when she was 18.  She has been putting her daily outfits in her official Facebook page. You can check out some of the breath-taking styles of Minori here.

The fashion student has been featured in the Vogue. Tokyofashion.com has also given her an extensive coverage.

As Minori took her style to the Japanese streets, her fashion sense is a fresh take on Japanese street fashion. Japan began to copy Western fashion in 19th century. Most of the Japanese trendy ideas are a mixture of modern and traditional. 

"Shironuri" is a traditional street fashion in Japan. Traditional "shironuri" fashion includes elements such as kimonos and hakama. This is a general rule to emulate this fashion but is not a hard and fast one. Minori is considered to be the well-known and exceptional artist with this style.

Regarding her fashion statement and painting her face white, Minori said in interview with IBTimes UK, "It is not that I dislike my natural face, however I felt that it did not fit perfectly with the sort of clothes I wished to wear. Compared to the level of strength in the clothing I wore, I felt my face lacked the necessary impact, like it was not being able to keep up with my clothes. With this feeling, I developed the style more until what it is today."

Please read full interview here.

Minori is reportedly considered a huge force in changing the Japanese fashion trend. Tokyo art gallery Qualia Junction has been representing her thus putting out her innovative ideas in the world map.

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