Minecraft Xbox 360 TU 13 Changelog and Texture Packs Updates, New Snapshot, and Minecraft Books Coming This Year

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While some may still be trying to figure things out for the major update Minecraft Xbox 360 TU 12, the TU 13 is already underway.

"Title Update 13 has now been handed over to Microsoft for testing!" said the developers in their official Twitter account.

The change log, as expected, lists down a couple of fixes, as enlisted in the Minecraft Forum:

-       Generation of Experience Orbs when breeding animals

-       Zombie AI when in a house with the door closed

-       Ocelot and Chicken AI spinning head problems

-       Ocelot issues for tooltips and sound issues

-       Graphical issues for fences and upside down Pistons

-       Increase Minecart speed to double the normal

-       Issues with Redstone Lamp

-       Limit to number of Villagers spawned through breeding

-       Minecraft Store now displays prices in local currency instead of MS Points

Check out the link for the complete change log.

For all those who have been waiting for news about the texture and mash-up packs, 4J Studios has a couple of updates on what to expect.

"1st texture pack is the Plastic Texture Pack. 2nd is the Natural Texture Pack. We'll show the 1st next week."

But in addition, "something medieval" is also coming, so make sure to stay tuned for updates on that one.

In Play XBLA, details for the possible Minecraft Xbox 360 texture packs have been teased to the gamers, as Xbox talks to Rog, Minecraft producer, about the possibilities that they can pursue with the Xbox 360 version.

"Since the ability to do textures in TU12, 4J Studios have been working their medium-sized tartan socks off, creating an exciting range of new textures and it won't be long before we can reveal the first non-Mash-up one to you," said Rog.

As for the pricing of these texture packs, the producer has assured that the pricing would be inexpensive. And with the issue of PC textures being available on the Xbox 360, Rog has this to say:

"What we are saying to you guys is that we are going to talk to the teams behind our favourite PC texture sets and see if we can sort something out. We can't promise that anything will come from this, but we'll keep the community informed as and when we have some news."

Another update for the snapshot

How many updates has it been for the Snapshot that Mojang is rolling out? Even if you've lost count, Mojang is still hard at work to perfecting it, with the last update now being called Snapshot 13w38c.

"Snapshot 13w38c has been released to fix numerous graphical issues, crashes, and item frame issues," said the Mojang team.

Get a load of the image of the newest snapshot courtesy of Mojang, and as usual, the link below provides both access to the downloadable files and the bug tracker.

Bug tracker here.

Download the files here.

Books about Minecraft: Are you getting one?

This coming October 10, you can expect two Minecraft books to hit the shelves, reports VG 24/7. These books include The Minecraft Annual and The Minecraft Beginner's Handbook.

The first book gives you the low down on all the possibilities that Minecraft offers. It's a step-by-step guide in creating some of the coolest projects, codes to tinker with, and games that will give you the extra mental boost that most Minecraft fans crave for.

The Minecraft Beginner's Handbook is all about saving your life--literally, in the Minecraft word since you'll be alone in the new world with only a few minutes to find your basic needs before the monsters are at your heels.

It's the basic survival guide, from knowing how to protect yourself from the enemies and creating reasources, armour and weapons, the book is loaded with tips that come from the Minecraft experts and even creator Notch himself.

In December, the third book, Minecraft: The Official Redstone Handbook, will be making its way to retail, and it'll be the experts' guide on working with Redstone--and you'll get all you need to know with regard ot mining, smelting, and using tools like circuit components and repeaters.

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