Minecraft Xbox 360 TU 12 Update: Mash-up Pack Trailer, Release Date Out, More Info for 1.7 Update

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The much-awaited pack for the Minecraft Xbox 360 TU 12 update finally has its much-awaited trailer.

4J Studios has released a trailer for the Mass Effect mash-up pack, one that avid players of both games will surely love.

The Mass Effect Minecraft Xbox 360 edition

"We're excited to finally be able to give details about our first mash-up pack where worlds from other popular games are fused into Minecraft."

On Play XBLA, the developers have already listed the other specific details that you would need to know for this particular mash-up pack. This is a list of what you will be getting come September 4 for only $3.99:

- Mass Effect texture set

- Mass Effect themed UI

- 36 Mass Effect Skins

- 22 music tracks from the game

- Pre-built Mars Facility world

"The mobs will be re-textured with normal Texture Packs, but the Mash-up Packs are a mix of elements from the two games," said 4J Studios in a response to a fan query.

4J Studios seems to have a lot of games in line for the mash-up packs, though they are not yet ready to reveal what these games are. Meanwhile, check out the trailer for the Mass Effect mash-up pack here.

More details for the Minecraft 1.7 update

Recently, the update that fans received regarding the 1.7 update involved more biomes and a sunflower to help you with directions.

Now, the developers are currently rolling out some bit of information as to what else you can expect for the upcoming update.

"One of the trickiest parts of texture packs in the past was mixing and matching. Doing so usually required you to edit them together, but those days are gone! Not only do resource packs let us include more than just texture assets (sounds, mods, etc), we will now be able to select more than one resource pack at a time in the 1.7 update!"

This will be a handy improvement, especially for those who have a habit (or at least a tendency) to want to use more than just one resource pack when playing the game. The best part is that you no longer have to manually combine the packs just so you can use them.

The developers have promised that you can use more packs, beyond three even. What's more, these packs are not limited to a specific type-now you can choose from textures to mods when customising your Minecraft world.

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