Minecraft Xbox 360 TU 12 Passed Testing, Now Rolling Out; Tips on How To Get Started with Ocelots and Jungle Trees

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After a long and hard wait, the "Minecraft Xbox 360" TU 12 has finally passed Microsoft Cert Testing and is now live and rolling out.

"TU12 has passed Microsoft Cert test, and is rolling out now! May take some time to be available everywhere," said 4J Studios in a tweet.

Developers seemed to have had a great time producing the most recent update, as 4J Studios also hinted at hidden music discs that can be found in the tutorial level of TU 12.

But sadly, those who have been waiting for the mash-up and texture packs will have to do some more waiting.

"There are no Mash-up or Texture Packs available yet. We're waiting for legal sign-off before we can reveal the first pack."

This suggested that there will be a Part 2 or even a Part 3 to the downloadable TU 12, something that fans have speculated on during the Microsoft Cert Testing stage. Previously, the TU 12 has been reported to feature several additions and bug fixes that may prove to be impossible to fit in just one single rollout.

Get Started on the 'Minecraft: Xbox 360' TU 12 by Taming an Ocelot

One of the additions for the "Minecraft: Xbox 360" TU 12 are the ocelots, which are found in jungle biomes and are animals based on the real-life ocelots.

"Whenever you are trying to tame an ocelot, you have to be in the crouched position and have a raw fish," said YouTube account holder Eskimo - Minecraft Xbox 360.

In the video, you can see immediately that the ocelots will come to you once that move above is executed. Once an ocelot is near you, all you have to do is start tapping the left trigger.

You will know that the ocelot has been tamed once the appearance changes--from a fierce leopard look to an almost kitty-like appearance. Big blobs of hearts should have also come out from the tamed ocelot to give an even bigger and more obvious clue.

Check out the short clip here to get started on taming your very own ocelots, so they can help chase away creepers.

Growing Jungle Trees

Another video by Eskimo and also recommended by 4J Studios on their official Twitter account is all about growing your own jungle tree. This new plant is another addition that comes with the Minecraft Xbox 360 TU 12.

Compared to other trees, jungle trees are not as easy to grow, as it involves planting more than just one jungle tree to get the big effect.

"What you do to get a jungle trees is rather than just placing them on a single block, you do it on a two-by-two area like that. So there's four in a tiny little square like that, and then use the bone meal," said Eskimo.

There are chances of getting a smaller jungle tree with this method, but there are also times wherein a big jungle trees sprouts.

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