Minecraft Xbox 360 TU 12 Fails to Meet 10-Day Cert Testing; Minecraft Mods of the Week: Resident Evil, Adventure Time, and Godzilla

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It has been two weeks since 4J Studios sent the Minecraft Xbox 360 TU 12 to Microsoft for testing, and yet no update has been heard of in a while, which shows that the update is an ultimately large one to boot.

Fans have previously predicted that the 10-day practice will apply for the TU 12 as well, with gamers only having to wait 10 days between passing the Minecraft Xbox 360 TU 12 to Microsoft to the delivery back to 4J Studios and eventually the release to fans.

4J Studios has promised earlier that after some legal sign-offs, it may be able to showcase more information about the first mash-up but this is also still currently in the drawing boards.

Meanwhile, spend the time waiting by playing with these new Minecraft mods, featuring a scary map, a scary monster in a map, and a scary good time.

Resident Evil mod

The Staircase Horror map already proved that Minecraft can be a rather scary place. And it's about to get scarier with the introduction of the Resident Evil map. You can now get the monsters in the franchise into Minecraft and have a fight or flight experience to test your survival skills.

Some of the features that you will get include new mobs that will be more hostile, new items, armours, and weapons, and a whole lot of features taken from the world of Resident Evil to your own Minecraft.

Since it is a Resident Evil mod, expect the new mobs to look a lot creepier, and you might be missing out on the peace once you have this mod.

Download the Resident Evil Minecraft mod by following these steps:

  1. Get the file here and install Modloader.
  2. Open the run search bar, type in %appdata%.
  3. Open the .minecraft folder and mods folder.
  4. Move the downloaded file into the mods folder and extract only the folder that needs to be placed in the textures folder.
  5. Open the textures folder in the minecraft.jar and put the extracted folder in it.
  6. Delete META-INF and start playing!

Adventure Time mod

If you are a fan following every step of the animated cartoon series "Adventure Time," here's a way to take the characters and some of the items from the game to your Minecraft world. This mod allows you to have Finn, Jake, the Ice King, Gunter the Penguin, Marceline, and BMO, as well as items like Finn's sword and Marceline's axe.

Apart from downloading the mod, you can also try a few crafting recipes to create The Sword of Billy, the Finn Cake, and Marceline's axe, all of which can be found here.

According to the video, Finn is said to drop one to two diamonds, while Jake drops cooked steak, so those are some things to look forward to.

To install the mod, here are the steps from 9minecraft.net:

-       Download the Adventure Time mod here.

-       Download and install the Minecraft Forge installer.

-       Place the mod zip file into your /.minecraft/mods folder but keep it as a zip file. Create a mods folder for those who don't have one.

-       Start playing.

Godzilla mod

Want the green, giant monster to invade your Minecraft world and make it just a tad harder than you're used to?

The Godzilla mod brings in a new model for Godzilla, which was created by Tihyo, also the modder for the Superheroes Unlimited previously featured.

Check out this video, which shows two ways by which you can destroy Godzilla as he rampages in your Minecraft world.

Install the Godzilla mod by following these instructions, care of Skydaz:

  1. Run the 1.6+ installer if you have not done so yet. Log into Minecraft and load the latest version.
  2. Install the mod after downloading it here.
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