Minecraft Xbox 360 TU 12 Delayed, “Horse Update” Launch Dated Next Week But Still No Word on Xbox One Transfers


It looks like there's still a lot of work cut out for Minecraft Xbox 360 developer 4J Studios for the much-anticipated Title Update 12, and any news of June releases for the update is unlikely to bear fruit.

"Still a lot to do on TU 12, but here's a shot of the new Tutorial world showing a few new features," said 4J Studios on their official Twitter account.

iDigital Times reports that a high-ranking representative of the Minecraft development team has already confirmed that the Minecraft Xbox 360 TU 12 won't be releasing in June, but there were no alternative dates that were given.

But the report also states that there have been hints of a possible July launch, slowly creating a record for 4J Studios for the fast pace of production and releases.

Horse update headed for Xbox 360

Despite this, Mojang does have some good news to those who are looking for any updates for the game.

The 1.6 update, called the Horse Update, will bring about all kinds of horses--from donkeys and mules to stallions--to the game. GameSpot reports that aside from horses, the update will also feature new elements, like horse armor, blocks of coal, and hay bales, as well as have Minecraft bug fixes.

The Horse Update will launch in July 1, so that something more recent to look forward to.

Still in talks with Microsoft

For those who have been watching out for any news about the Minecraft Xbox One and possible save transfers, it seems that the discussion is still ongoing with Microsoft.

The last statement that was heard from Microsoft's side of the issue came from Phil Spencer, corporate VP for Microsoft, who had tweeted in his account:

"Just chatted to @PopsRamjet and we are still actually discussing it with @4jStudios! Stay tuned."

Granted, only a week has just passed, but hopefully, there will be more news come next month.

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