Minecraft Xbox 360 Skin Pack 6 Updates and a New Snapshot 14w25b and 1.7.10 Pre-Release Detailed

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Coders Rest In The Office Of Swedish Company Mojang In Stockholm
Coders rest in the Mojang company office in Stockholm January 21, 2013. A pool table, a pinball machine, board games and Lego dot the offices of Mojang, the small Swedish company behind the wildly popular Minecraft video game, and one of its founders is wearing a tuxedo and purple tie on a recent "formal Friday". The atmosphere reflects the independent spirit that has contributed to the raw identity of the game that has just sold 20 million copies. The founders want to keep it that way. Mojang, the Swedish word for gadget, has so far resisted selling to a bigger player or listing on the stock market even though that could mean monster payoffs for the 25-person staff and funding to expand dramatically its games. Picture taken January 21, 2013. Reuters/Ints Kalnins

"Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition: developer 4J Studios has announced quite the number of skins coming for the title, and quite a number of additions have already been teased for the Skin Pack 6.

So far, the announced titles coming to the "Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition" Skin Pack 6 includes "Killer Instinct," "State of Decay", "Trials Fusion", "Super Time Force", and "Mirror's Edge."

"We're very happy to have partnered with the rad folks at Microsoft Studios, 4J Studios and of course, Mojang to bring some of our crazy cast of characters from 'Super Time Force' to the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft as part of the sixth skin pack," said the developer over at the official "Super Time Force" Web site.

"We hope all of you 'Minecraft' players enjoy suiting up as Shieldy Blockerson, Jef Lappard, Jean Rambois, Aimy McKillin, Commander Repeatski or even Zackasaurus."

Over at Undead Labs, the "State of Decay" skin has also been announced. "'State of Decay' is featured in Skin Pack 6, coming 'soon' (don't worry, it really is soon, not gaming-industry soon) to Minecraft for Xbox. I don't know the cost, myself. But I want it just because they went with SHARK HOODIE GUY as one of the five characters!"

Included in the teaser are the five characters coming with the Skin Pack 6. Trials Games has also teased some character skins coming for the "Trials Fusion" game on "Minecraft".

For those who are itching for more screenshots, the developer has already teased a few over at the Play XBLA, including a snapshot for "Dragon Age."

All of the teasers, however, don't give a specific date or cost for the "Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition" Skin Pack 6, but the "coming soon" is very tempting.

New Snapshot 14w25b and 1.7.10 Pre-release Out

Mojang has recently released two updates for "Minecraft," specifically the 1.7.10 pre-release 4 and the latest snapshot.

The pre-release allows "Minecraft" players to upload their worlds to and enables command-blocks in the Realms. There are also a few fixes for compatibility issues in the future.

And for the latest Snapshot 14w25b, there is quite a long list of bug fixes coming in. "This snapshot contains a few months' worth of rewrites to some very important parts of the engine. It is very likely that this snapshot may be more unstable than usual, slower than usual, slightly more sentient than usual or just generally unusual," said Mojang in the latest blog post.

The long list of bug fixes can be accessed in the link above, as well as the guidelines and bug tracker report page.

"Minecraft" at E3 2014 (via YouTube/sonyplaystation)

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