'Minecraft: Xbox 360' Save Transfers Coming to Xbox One and 'New Territory' Launches Realms

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Long-time players of "Minecraft Xbox 360" will be happy to know that save transfers have already been confirmed for the Xbox One.

"After months of teaming up with Mojang, we can confirm that Minecraft X360 Edition will save transfer to Xbox One Edition... more news soon!," said Xbox head boss Phil Spencer in a recent tweet, as quoted by IGN.

This is good news, especially for those who want to continue to experience the game in the rumoured bigger world of the Xbox One version.

Previously, it was thought that save transfers will not be possible due to differences in features and architectures of the Xbox One and Xbox 360. Developers have been in talks with Microsoft since the "Minecraft Xbox One" has been announced.

Note that a release date for the Xbox One version has not yet been confirmed either, but it's already in the works, according to 4J Studios.

'Minecraft' Realms Coming to North America

"Minecraft" Realms is now coming to North America and will make it easier for those who want to host their own "Minecraft" world online with friends.

"We've just unleashed Minecraft Realms in North America!" said Mojang in a post over at its official Web site.

This means that those in the North America territory can easily play with friends or even play the featured mini-games with the paid subscription service.

GameSpot adds that the service costs $13 every month. But with it, users can already have up to 20 players invited to a Realms server, with 10 of those players having the ability to play all at the same time.

"Minecraft" Realms is basically a safer way to play (given how "Minecraft" is pretty much a hit for kids). It's also an easy way to play with friends for those who want a more private experience of the game.

Another plus is that it's so easy to use, since gamers no longer have to set up LAN networks, as Mojang is the one running the show behind the scenes. Automatic backups of worlds are also being conducted regularly and a restore option is available in the Realm in case players want to retrieve a previously saved state.

For now, "Minecraft" Realms is only available for the PC version of the game. But Mojang has plans of releasing it in other platforms in future. The service is already available in a number of territories, which those interested can view in the link above.

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