Minecraft Xbox 360 City Texture Pack and PS3 Skin Packs Coming, New Minecraft Snapshot 14w10a Released

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Though the latest update that 4J Studios has for the Minecraft TU14 is the 4-player splitscreen and the new UI that were showcased in a screenshot at their official Twitter, the developer has some good news and updates for the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game.

"The City Texture Pack for MInecraft: Xbox 360 Edition will be available Friday, March 7th!""

The City Texture Pack was teased last February, with the screenshot of the V&A Dundee showing off how the new texture pack was used to construct the building. Two more screenshots of the texture pack are teased over at Play XBLA, which you can check over here. The City Texture Pack will cost $1 / €0.95 / £0.65.

Minecraft Xbox 360's City Texture Pack is further showcased in the video below, again focusing on the future Dundee Waterfront.

*Video from YouTube/4JStudios

Also, there seems to be pretty big plans for the future packs coming to the Minecraft PS3. "We're working with Sony & Mojang to bring texture packs and skin packs to Minecraft PS3."

However, this is as far as 4J Studios can give as far as details are concerned, but they have promised fans that updates will come as they get them.

Minecraft Snapshot 14w10a is here

After some time of laying low, a new Minecraft Snapshot 14w10a has finally been released, with a long list of bug and crash fixes.

"Once again, the majority of our time between this and the last snapshot has been spent on Plugin API related tasks (most notably inventory rewrite, block model format and block state concepting), and as such this is mostly a bugfix & mapmaker snapshot. Don't worry, we have some cool survival plans soon!" said the developers in the official web site.

Some of the fixes include having a dedicated server crash at startup, "Slightly Damaged Anvil" faces the wrong way in inventory, Nether Brick Fence not rendered correctly in the inventory, and the "missing texture" in Double Stone Slabs texture. The complete list can be seen in the link above, but as Mojang has mentioned, don't mention additions for the meantime.

Mojang has also noted that even though name changes are already supported in the snapshot, the feature will not be available until after the 1.8 releases, as that will be the time when the majority of active servers have already been updated to support UUIDs.

In addition, the promised Minecraft 1.7.6 version will also be released to backport the mentioned UUID changes for those with normal servers.

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