Minecraft Updates for TU14, PS3 Skin Pack and More; Valentine’s Day Minecraft Skins

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[UPDATE: The newest snapshot from Mojang 14w07a is out: Check it here.]

4J Studios, developer for the PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360 versions of Minecraft, has been giving quite a few hints of the progress with the different platforms of the Minecraft versions.

One fan had asked about the skin pack for the PS3 and if it will come out before the title update, 4J Studios has this to say, "We hope so! We're currently going through the approvals process for each of the Sony brands we have in Skin Pack 1 for PS3."

The TU14 was also discussed in passing, as fans are already very excited to know what will come with the new update. But it seems like between working on the PS3, PS4 and Xbox One versions of Minecraft (if the two previously leaked screenshots suggest it), 4J Studios are still hard at work in polishing it the TU14.

*Sons of Anarchy game is really coming this time, and even the series creator is very excited: Read here for more.

"Still lots to do before TU14 is ready for Cert testing," said 4J Studios on their official Twitter. This means that it will still take some time before the TU14 goes into certification, but at least fans will know when this is, as 4J Studios have assured that they will send a list of everything that's included in the TU14 once they submit it for cert testing.

By way of texture packs, there is also an update and one that Candy Crush Saga lovers will also be able to appreciate once they get into the groove of Minecraft.

"Yes our art team is working on some [texture packs]. One is a confectionery type one. We think Candy Saga Texture Pack is a good name for it."

*Look out for this bug that involves your Friends List on the PS4: Read the story here.

Valentine's Day mods for Minecraft

Though not a mod, here's an interesting skin called the Valentine's Girl, which has just been uploaded by on 5Minecraft.net in time for the occasion. Imagine adding a pretty blocky girl with curly, long red hair, and a red dress to date your Minecraft hero.

Download the skin in the link above and follow the simple instructions so you can install the Valentine's Girl for yourself.

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Another version of this skin can be found over at Mod-Minecraft, where instead of a girl in red, you have one dressed in pink up to her eyes (literally), and with brown hair. You can go over to the link above and follow the instructions to get this skin, if you're more into the girly girl type.

For those who want skins for male counterparts, there are also a handful of these, like this Valentines Cool Boy, complete with red shirt and red sunglasses created by centimeters13. A more formal take on the suit and tie comes from SnazzyKazzy, with this SnazzyKazzy Valentines, all decked in black and white and a red rose peeking from his chest pocket. This would go perfect with the red-dressed Valentines Girl. You can download these and more skins over at MinecraftSkins.com.

Let the romance commence on Minecraft!

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